STM32F746G-DISCO Scope in Practical Electronics (EP) magazine

The article about the STM32F746G-DISCO Scope project was accepted and printed in the polish magazine Practical Electronics (Elektronika Praktyczna). It was divided into three parts and can be found in the May, June and July issues of the journal:

Part 1: Creating and building the project from sources.

Part 2: The usage of FreeRTOS.

Part 3: BSP, STemWin and CMSIS DSP libraries.


STM32F746G-DISCO Scope

STMicroelectronics is known for its Discovery family boards – quite cheap but very functional development tools. One of them is STM32F746G-DISCO (32F746GDISCOVERY) with a large LCD-TFT, Ethernet, audio line in and out jacks and some other features. Using these features I decided to build a simple scope which allows to sample the signal from audio in line and display it together with its FFT spectrum.

The project was created using SW4STM32 – a free, eclipse based IDE for STM32 microcontrollers running on both, Linux and Windows platforms. For simpler application development, the FreeRTOS was added to the project, together with STemWin graphical library for GUI and CMSIS DSP mathematical and signal processing library for FFT computation. All mentioned software can be downloaded from SW4STM32 during new project creation.

The source code of this project is available on my public github repository:

And here you can see how it works:

Java and STM32

Last time I spent couple of weeks learning the basics of MicroEJ environment. It allows to write Java applications for the microcontrollers from STM32 family. The applications run on a platform containing the implementation of Java Virtual Machine, peripheral drivers and libraries. I wrote some of articles which are published on website (polish only). You can read them here:

  1. Introduction
  2. GPIO
  3. ADC+DAC
  4. Alarm clock with external RTC
  5. Weather station