Raspberry Pi music server?

Since some time I’m a happy Spotify user. Therefore, couple of days ago,  I started to wonder how to configure my Raspberry as a home music server based on my Spotify account.

First, I wanted to install Spotify client application on Raspbian and access it via remote desktop (or similar protocol) from my PC. Unfortunately, there was no client for ARM architecture available.

Then I started to look for some alternative clients. I found a great project called Pi MusicBox. It allows you to access your music for example from Spotify, Google Music or Last.FM accounts. You could also use local SD Card or network drive to store music files or listen to the internet radio station. To control the server you can use any computer or mobile device connected to your home network through simple web interface.You get this all without writing or compiling any line of code.

Check out the Pi MusicBox page for instructions about installation and configuration of the music server.