Pi MusicBox

This page describes how to run Pi MusicBox on your Raspberry.

To start visit Pi MusicBox project site and download the latest version. Now copy the system image into the SD Card using dd command (check First steps or Embedded Linux Wiki for details about preparing the SD Card). I’ve found out that not every card works with the downloaded image. You can check the card state with gparted tool to see if the image was correctly copied.

If you want to connect the MucisBox to the WiFi network you can edit the config/settings.ini file on the SD Card. Edit the Network Settings section and enter SSID and password (only WPA is supported).

Now put the card inside your Pi, turn it on and connect the ethernet cable. Wait until it starts the web server (it may take some time, so be patient), open any web browser and enter the address: musicbox.local or the assigned IP address. You will see the main page of your MusicBox:

First, open the settings page. If you haven’t configured the WiFi connection in the config/settings.ini you can do it now:

Here you can also configure the MusicBox to use your Spotify account or network drive. Just set the appropriate settings. After changes you need to reboot you Pi.

Now is time to connect the speakers or headphones, play some music and explore the capabilities of Pi MusicBox!

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