Not only Raspberry

Some time ago I found quite interesting article in Linux Magazine. I decided to try it myself. First I bought my own TL-MR3020 (for about 32$). By default it is a router so I connected my computer to it as a client.

Next I followed the instructions from the article and from OpenWrt project website. After couple of stressful minutes… it worked! The next few steps allowed me to start a SSH connection.

As I wanted to use it in my home network and connect it to my other router, I needed to change some configuration. I disabled the dhcp server, set the static IP addres, connected it to the router and… voila! I could change the configuration of LEDS and buttons using kernel drivers and connect to it from my home network with the web browser.




Now I plan to use it as a simple server but I still wait for a brilliant idea of its purpose.

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